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YOU are welcome here, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, sex, national origin, marital status, family makeup, socioeconomic status, or political persuasion.  St. John’s Episcopal Church is a community of people who gather to acknowledge our need for divine and human love, and to respect our common humanity.  At St. John's, ALL ARE WELCOME.  

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Sunday Services

8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist - contemplative spoken service, without music

10:00 AM - Holy Eucharist - traditional worship with music, infant care, children's ministry

Wednesday Service

12:00 PM - Holy Eucharist - contemplative worship in an intimate setting in the chancel area of our sanctuary 




St. John's Episcopal Church is located at 405 N. Saginaw Road, between St. Andrew's Rd. and Hillcrest Rd. The main entrance for worship is through the gates closest to St. Andrew's Rd.  The main entrance for parish offices is in the Griswold Ministry Center, closer to Hillcrest Rd.  Ramp and railing are present at both entrances, with option to use an automatic-opening door to enter and exit the Griswold Ministry Center.

Handicap and First Time Visitor parking spaces are marked near the entrance to the Griswold Ministry Center, closer to the north end of our parking lot and Hillcrest Rd. 

If you need physical assistance, please let our greeters and ushers know.




We regularly offer nursery care during 10am worship and have privacy rocking chairs and worship bags for in-church activity for the youngest ages.  In school months, we offer formation classes and creative outreach activities for children of all ages. 




What Can You Expect?

A warm welcome! 

We try to lead worship in a way that is true to our inherited traditions while exploring new expressions of our faith.  Some of our members come to church in suits and dresses, others in jeans and t-shirts.  *Children are always welcome in church but for those parents who prefer, infant and toddler care is provided every Sunday beginning at 9:00am. *Visit our Children & Youth Formation page to learn more. 

Please fill out and return the "Welcome/Connect" card you'll find in our pews; share whatever and whenever you're comfortable.   



Adult Formation

Christian formation is the lifelong process of growing in our relationship with God, self, others, and all creation.  Every experience in our lives can provide us with the opportunity to express our faith; the challenge we face is recognizing these opportunities and learning ways to live a sometimes counter-cultural life in a secular world.

Regular Small Group Sessions at St. John's Episcopal

Adult Bible Study- Sundays at 9:00am, Activity Room (lower level) - This group discussion focuses on that Sunday's Gospel readings and lessons.  The 9am start time falls between St. John's two morning services and nursery care is offered beginning at 9:00am as well.  It's a great opportunity to talk with people from our different services.  Each bible study meeting is independent of the other so you may drop in anytime!

Men’s Bible Study- Wednesdays at 9:00am, McNab Room

Women’s Bible Study- Wednesdays at 10:30am, McNab Room

Ecumenical Women’s Group* - Tuesdays at 10:00am,*hosted by SJEC

Women Journeying Together - This group meets Thursdays, 1:00pm - 2:30pm in the McNab Room or the lower level Activity Room if engaged in a video series.  Reading and discussion of 3 provided textbooks or video studies guide the journey (1 each in fall, winter, spring).  Meeting facilitators rotate.

Centering Prayer Group - Meeting 7:00-8:00pm on the first Monday of each month, this group practices a type of Christian contemplation which can add depth of meaning to prayer and facilitate the movement from more active modes of prayer - verbal, mental, etc.-into a receptive prayer of resting in God.

Home Groups - Hosted by a St. John’s member or couple, home groups allow for faith formation and fellowship.


way_of_love_simplified_graphic.jpgWay of Love: Practices for Jesus-Centered Life 

The Way of Love is not a new program. Instead it returns to ancient pathways that “open up the soul and spirit,” and brings together and lifts up the treasures of our church and tradition. “We didn’t need to come up with a new program for the church,” said Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in his (79th General Convention) sermon, “…we have what we need…This is coming from people in this church. The treasure was ready here.”

Learn about the way of Love's seven practices by clicking here.


Special Webcasts, Diocesan Events 

St. John's has and will continue to host webcasts offering opportunities for Christian formation and growth.  Many of these webcasts are aimed at an ecumenical audience.  Most are presented via partnership with the Trinity Institute of Trinity Wall St. Cathedral (NYC, NY) and the national Episcopal Church.  

Occassionally, St. John's serves as the host site for diocesan-wide programming such as the fall 2013 event highlighted in this video (click the image below to view).

Throughout the year, St. John’s offers a variety of opportunities to come together for dialogue and fellowship, focusing on following Jesus.  Are you interested in discussing gospel readings and other Bible passages beyond worship services?  What perspective can you share when we joyfully gather to pray and learn?   Can you help lead small groups in faith discovery and exploration?  Let us know!
Please contact St. John’s to learn more about any of the opportunities listed above.  St. John’s clergy may also be contacted for counseling and preparation before sacraments.  For more information, you may call our parish office at (989) 631-2260.  Related links are also provided below.