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YOU are welcome here, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, sex, national origin, marital status, family makeup, socioeconomic status, or political persuasion.  St. John’s Episcopal Church is a community of people who gather to acknowledge our need for divine and human love, and to respect our common humanity.  At St. John's, ALL ARE WELCOME.  

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Sunday Services

8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist - contemplative spoken service, without music

10:00 AM - Holy Eucharist - traditional worship with music, infant care, children's ministry

Wednesday Service

12:00 PM - Holy Eucharist - contemplative worship in an intimate setting in the chancel area of our sanctuary 




St. John's Episcopal Church is located at 405 N. Saginaw Road, between St. Andrew's Rd. and Hillcrest Rd. The main entrance for worship is through the gates closest to St. Andrew's Rd.  The main entrance for parish offices is in the Griswold Ministry Center, closer to Hillcrest Rd.  Ramp and railing are present at both entrances, with option to use an automatic-opening door to enter and exit the Griswold Ministry Center.

Handicap and First Time Visitor parking spaces are marked near the entrance to the Griswold Ministry Center, closer to the north end of our parking lot and Hillcrest Rd. 

If you need physical assistance, please let our greeters and ushers know.




We regularly offer nursery care during 10am worship and have privacy rocking chairs and worship bags for in-church activity for the youngest ages.  In school months, we offer formation classes and creative outreach activities for children of all ages. 




What Can You Expect?

A warm welcome! 

We try to lead worship in a way that is true to our inherited traditions while exploring new expressions of our faith.  Some of our members come to church in suits and dresses, others in jeans and t-shirts.  *Children are always welcome in church but for those parents who prefer, infant and toddler care is provided every Sunday beginning at 9:00am. *Visit our Children & Youth Formation page to learn more. 

Please fill out and return the "Welcome/Connect" card you'll find in our pews; share whatever and whenever you're comfortable.   


Church Governance

St. John's Bylaws

In addition to national and local Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church and our Diocese of Eastern Michigan, St. John’s is governed by its bylaws.  Bylaws may only be changed by a meeting of the congregation specifically stated to consider such.  The most recently adopted set of Bylaws (February 19, 2017) may be viewed by clicking here.  


Vestry - Our Elected Leadership Board

Our bylaws state a minimum of 9 and maximum of 12 members may serve on St. John's Vestry in a given year.  With our Rector, they oversee resource development, people, property and money to support the mission and ministry of our church. They give voice to and help shape a shared vision of St. John’s. 

Vestry elections are conducted each year to replace the outgoing class (each class is made up of 3-4 individuals and regular terms of service are 3 years).  Regular meetings are scheduled in advance and occur monthly. 

The two Vestry Wardens, elected officer positions within the Vestry, assist the Rector in managing this group’s work.  The other officer is the Vestry Clerk, who is responsible for meeting minutes and, along with the wardens, may act as a signing authority on documents required by external agencies.

Vestry members also act as liaisons for key ministry and administrative areas listed below. Click here to see the photos of current Vestry members.  

Church Governance, Admin, Stewardship

Administrative - Pat Roush; Facilities - Deb Blackhurst; Finance - Sara Philo; Stewardship - Anthony Dizon


Worship Servers, Music Minsitry

Sue Rye


Adult & Youth Formation

Ellen McVey



Tom Lane - Endowment Committee; Pat Wilson - All other outreach


Pastoral Care

Dana Pressnall



Greg Gwaltney


Appointed Leaders

The Treasurer has been a past position appointed by Vestry to manage external accounts and oversee the work of the church’s bookkeeper.  In advance of, and at the January 29, 2017 annual meeting, it was announced that the traditional work of the Treasurer was going to be split among several individuals and that Business Manager responsibilities would be added to the job description, and carried out by, St. John's hired Bookkeeper.


The Finance Committee (endowment fund oversight), Buildings & Grounds chair as well as lay leaders across our ministries are charged with responsible and faithful stewardship of St. John’s resources.  They may take assessments or recommendations regarding their work to the Vestry as appropriate.  Some also submit and receive approval of their budgets and/or expenses through Vestry.


Endowment Committee

Another group of elected St. John’s leaders is charged with researching and finding grant opportunities to award from St. John’s Episcopal Church endowments.  Our Endowment Committee consists of 9 individuals (3 classes of 3 individuals with terms of service being 3 years).  To learn more about the good work of St. John’s Endowment Committee, click here.


Annual Report, Meeting Notes

Our Annual Report for year 2018 contains details on the many ministries of St. John's Episcopal, not just those highlighted below.  Please review the report electronically here or request a printed copy from the parish office. 

Please visit this Annual Meeting Notes page for outcomes following our Jan 2018 Annual Meeting.  In recent years, St. John's has held its annual meeting on the last Sunday in January.

Diocesan Convention

Each fall, we send representatives to our Diocesan Convention and report back the relevant items for congregations.  Please visit this Diocesan Convention page of our website for more.