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YOU are welcome here, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, sex, national origin, marital status, family makeup, socioeconomic status, or political persuasion.  St. John’s Episcopal Church is a community of people who gather to acknowledge our need for divine and human love, and to respect our common humanity.  At St. John's, ALL ARE WELCOME.  

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Sunday Services

8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist - Quiet, More Traditional Worship

10:00 AM - Holy Eucharist - More Contemporary Worship with Music, Infant Care, Children's Ministry

Wednesday Service

12:00 PM - Holy Eucharist - Quiet, More Contemplative Worship 




St. John's Episcopal Church is located at 405 N. Saginaw Road, between St. Andrew's Rd. and Hillcrest Rd. The main entrance for worship is through the gates closest to St. Andrew's Rd.  The main entrance for parish offices is in the Griswold Ministry Center, closer to Hillcrest Rd.  Ramp and railing are present at both entrances, with option to use an automatic-opening door to enter and exit the Griswold Ministry Center.

Handicap and First Time Visitor parking spaces are marked near the entrance to the Griswold Ministry Center, closer to the north end of our parking lot and Hillcrest Rd. 

If you need physical assistance, please let our greeters and ushers know.




Our new Children & Youth Ministries Director joined us August 2017.  Our start date for formation classes and programs for children of all ages is Sunday, September 24. We also offer nursery care, privacy rocking chairs and worship bags for in-church activity for the youngest ages. 




What Can You Expect?

A warm welcome! 

We try to lead worship in a way that is true to our inherited traditions while exploring new expressions of our faith.  Some of our members come to church in suits and dresses, others in jeans and t-shirts.  *Children are always welcome in church but for those parents who prefer, infant and toddler care is provided every Sunday beginning at 9:00am. *Visit our Youth Formation page to learn more if desired. 

Please fill out and return the "Welcome/Connect" card you'll find in our pews; share whatever and whenever you're comfortable.   


Devotional Resources

Advent Materials 

advent-calendar-2017.pngSparkhouse publications is offering free Advent Family Devotions that will be emailed daily to provided email addresses. Each devotional includes a Bible verse, ideas for family activities, and discussion questions. These devotionals can be completed in 5 minutes or less--or while you are on-the-go with your family!  Click this link to sign up to receive the devotionals in your inbox December 3 through Christmas Day.

Each year, the Rev. Thomas Mousin and the Rev. Merry Watters create an Advent calendar. Beginning on the First Sunday of Advent and concluding on December 24th, the calendar offers a scripture reading and suggested devotion for each day of the season. This year, musical settings for the calendar's poem can be downloaded, along with the calendar at:https://thomasmousin.wordpress.com.  Permission is granted to reproduce and distribute the calendar and music for the Advent season.  Click on the image at left for the full calendar image.




Preparing for Sunday

Here's a preparing-for-sunday-button.jpgresource you can use to get ready for Sunday worship.  Just click on the image at left and you'll be able to see the scripture readings for three Sundays ...last week, this week and next week!  Along with the actual passages of scripture, you'll be provided with resources for study and prayer for each week.  Whether you use this resource alone or with a small group (in person or online), your experience of Sunday worship will be deeper for your efforts!

Forward Day by Day


Forward Day by Day is a booklet of daily inspirational meditations reflecting on a specific Bible passage, chosen from the daily lectionary readings as listed in the Revised Common Lectionary or the Daily Office from the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer.

The meditations are rich in substance and offer a wide range of witness and experiences. Each month's meditation is written by a different author. More than a half million readers worldwide use Forward Day by Day as a resource for daily prayer and Bible study.  

St. John's is happy to make this booklet available to its parishioners; simply pick one up in the narthex or ask at the church office.


Our Daily Bread

odb.jpgThis non-denominational, non-profit organization started with a radio program called Detroit Bible Class. Since then, their ministry has grown from a small group of dedicated radio listeners to millions of people around the world who use their Bible-based resources.  Since it was first published in 1956, Our Daily Bread has become the resource for which this group of ministries is best known. The daily devotional thoughts published in Our Daily Bread help readers spend time each day in God’s Word.  A ministry network of staff and volunteers in over 35 offices help distribute more than 60 million resources to 150 countries. 


The Book of Common Prayer

Since the 16th century, the Book of Common Prayer has been at the center of the life of Anglican and now Episcopal Christians.  At St. John's, we use the BCP at both of our Sunday services and at noon on Wednesdays.  Along with resources for "common" prayer and worship when the congregation gathers, the BCP also offers us resources for private prayer and for small group prayer and worship.  Click on the image to the left to access and explore these resources or come by St. John's and page through it as you join us for worship!


The Bible Challenge 

Have you ever considered taking up the challenge of bible-challenge-book.jpgreading the whole Bible in one year?  Perhaps you met the challenge... perhaps the finish line remains a goal... perhaps you're thinking of taking up the challenge for the first time!  

Resources for this challenge have been provided by The Center for Biblical Studies, including a list of daily readings and The Bible Challenge Book.  You can access these resources by clicking on image to the left or by simply checking in with us at St. John's.  This can be an individual spiritual discipline or a challenge that is taken up with friends!


Lenten Materials


Lenten devotionals for the 2017 season are available through the church. There are pamphlets about Lent, devotions for lent, and ictus pocket pieces.  Pamphlets are available for adults, children, youth, and families.  Choose ones that appeal to you and let them help you keep a holy lent.

In the Episcopal Relief & Development’s Lenten Meditations, leaders from the Anglican Communion reflect on their favorite scriptures and other sources of spiritual wisdom as they consider their work to strengthen and provide economic opportunities to communities.  Click on the image at right to view this booklet electronically or download.  ERD also offers the opportunity to sign up to receive daily Lenten Meditations by email. Visit www.episcopalrelief.org/church-in-action/church-campaigns/lent